Alight Motion APK Download Latest Version

The Alight Motion apk download helps to shape graphics, visual effects, and animations. This free app has been designed by Alight Creative Inc.

You know, customizing videos a few years ago was challenging. Same thing for you, isn’t it?

Well, in the modern age, the difficult situation has been solved. With so many video editing packages to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

 I found Alight Motion MOD APK to be the best at the moment.

Let’s talk about the topic now.

Alight Motion apk is a mobile editing app that is available for both iOS and android and can be used for free. Although you can purchase an app that costs $ 5 a month or $ 30 a year in the USA App Store and unlocks the Play Store and all the pro features of this app. As we already know that a lot of paid and free editing apps are available on iOS and android

Now decide whether you should use Alight Motion or stay with the conventional editing apps.

 Let’s see what Alight Motion offers us:

  • Multiple layers of graphics video and audio.
  • Alight Motion apk supports vector editing and bitmap support on all devices.
  • The building blocks basic and fundamental effects with lots of presets.
  • Keyframe animation on all devices with smooth 60 FPS frame rate on all devices.
  • Grouping created and colored elements.
  • Color adjustment after-effects like editing.
  • Export MP4 video and GIF combinations with solid color and gradient filling of all colors.
  • Borders and custom effects with special FX.
  • Easy to use custom interface.
  • Cloud backup support with Apple iCloud so you can edit your project on any device.
  • So, we can see that Alight Motion apk comes with many features which are only available for PC software.
  •  Alight Motion is portable so it lets you do your editing anytime anywhere.

My experience about Using Alight Motion apk

To get started I searched in-app store Alight Motion and it comes up as a free app which was really great. It’s just 80 MB in size.

I tried editing some of the gameplay videos and to my surprise, it was easy to transition and animate. Although they were really very simple animation and transition effects. They still made my editing look like a professional.

So, yes editing was really easy with Alight Motion apk and yes it looks like professional editing. My only problem is that the free version of Alight Motion has a watermark. So, I paid a few bucks to remove the watermark and bought my first Alight Motion subscription for one month, and then moved on to another edit. I tried some simple videos to edit and I became surprised that the keyframes and graphic animations worked smoothly on my iPhone SE without any problems. So it’s really good for you to edit with this great app.

Alight Motion Pro APK

The app available with premium features without watermarks and ads is called Alight Motion Pro APK. This app is made by Cracked Alight Motion Official. An unknown developer hacked this original app to save users money and created the Elite Motion Mod APK.

Shortly after it was created, this third-party app became popular with people, and thousands of people searched for it on the Internet every day. Seeing this interest of people, we decided to share this app with you. You’ll have full access to Premium on this modified version, so download this app now.

Alternative of Alight Motion apk.

Friends, I have watched many videos and image editing apps for you before, such as Inshot Pro APK, FilmoraGo Premium APK, and Power Director Hacked APK. These apps will help you become a professional video and photo editor. If you are a YouTube or social media influencer, these apps are going to be a step towards success for you.

Features of Alight Motion MOD APK

Explore your creative mind with the app and create a unique project from others. At this age, there is a huge competition in every field and in order to be different from others you need to make your content bigger than others. If you are a professional or a newcomer, this is for you. Create outstanding content and engage your audience or friends with your work.

Multiple layers of graphics, videos, and audios

This app gives you lots of graphic layers for editing videos and animations from your smartphone. With this feature, you can make your content as good as possible. Multiple layers of audio and video are also available in the free version of this application. This feature will help your audience to be more attracted to your content.

Vector and bitmap support

You no longer need to download any Android apps to use Vector and Bitmap. This is an all-in-one app where you can use motion graphics as well as vectors and bitmaps. Bitmap helps you make your project premium and professional. Use these features and become a pro editor.

No ads

This unique feature is only available in the premium version of Alight Motion apk. However, in Alight Motion Pro Apk, you can use it for free. One has to work very closely to make the project optimal. But in such a situation, interrupting ads can distract you and have an error in your work. So, you may download this app anytime and do your work without the hassle of advertising.

Without watermark

If a person wants to verify that the video they are watching has been edited by a professional or new person, they can mark it with the watermark shown in the video. Similarly, if an app’s watermark appears on your video, your video is underestimated. That’s why you need to download Alight Motion pro apk without a watermark.

Premium unlock

All the features available in the premium version of Alight Motion are unlocked in this cracked apk. Some effects restrictions have been removed from the app, so you can use as many effects as you want for free. You do not have to spend a penny to use any other features.

Some other features

  • Keyframe animation feature is available for all settings.
  • Visual effects and color correction.
  • Easy animation for the more fluid motion: Pick from presets or create your own time curve.
  • Velocity-based motion blur.
  • Export MP4 video or GIF animation.
  • Solid color and gradient fill effects.
  • Borders and shadow effects.
  • Group layer together.
  • Save the favorite elements for easy reuse in the future.

Problems you may face while using Alight Motion Apk:

Now let’s see the problem I encountered with this app. The first problem is that this app kills your RAM and you can’t do multitasking if you have only 2 GB RAM in your device. So, it is not very well optimized for your mobile device but if you have a device with more than 3GB of RAM then it would be nice to give you an unequal editing experience along the way.

How can we download and install Alight Motion Pro APK?

It is very easy to download any mod app available online. If you’re not into technology and still want to download it, you don’t have to worry. Because the process of downloading and installing Alight Motion Pro APK is stated below in easy steps.

Step 1 – Click on the download link: To download this amazing app on your phone you need to click on the download button provided by us. Once you click the button, you’ll visit the download page.

Step 2 – Click on the link: There you will find the direct download link of the Alight Motion MOD APK file. Click on it. Your download will start and in a short time, the download will end in a few moments. It depends depending on your internet speed when downloading)

Enable Unknown Sources: Go to your phone’s settings and enable installing this file before downloading and installing Unknown Sources.

Step 3 –  Once your download is complete, go to the file manager or check the download section in your browser and tap the Elite Motion Pro MOD APK file.

Step 4 – Install Alight Motion – Now click on the APK file to install the unlocked version.


Oops!! You have successfully got your Alight Motion Pro APK 2021. Isn’t it really easy? If you are still experiencing any problems please let us know soon or comment below.

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Download Alight Motion Apk No Watermark

Alight Motion Pro Apk Download for Android Users in 2021

FAQ’s on Alight Motion Pro Video Editing Apk

Alight Motion pro apk is one of the best apps on the app market now. This app is specially designed for mobile phones. Easy and comprehensive interface attracts people to install it on their devices. Below I’ve listed 10 important FAQs on Alight Motion pro apk everybody wants to know. These will be helpful for you to know some extra aspects regarding Alight Motion Pro apk.

Why do I use Alight Motion pro Apk?

You will use Alight Motion pro Apk for professional-quality video or animation editing. This is a wonderful video graphic apk for android and iOs. You can make or edit any piece of video within a minute. Select a video directly from your phone’s gallery and start editing to create an excellent video. Read my previously written article on Alight Motion pro apk. 


Is Alight Motion free for android?

Yes, it is completely free for Android or iOS devices. You can visit the Google play store and apple store to download Alight Motion Pro Apk free. But it has pro version too. You will get some premium-like features on the pro version of the Alight Motion pro download apk. Though, the MOD versions of this great app will provide you all the premium-like features. MOD versions are available on various sites.


Who made Alight Motion Pro Apk?

World’s famous app developer company Alight Creative Inc proudly introduced this great app. They basically designed this app for android or iOs users.


Which app is the best video editing app?

Like Alight Motion pro , there are other apps available on the market.

All these are very much popular among android users. They are.


Adobe Premiere Rush




Is the MOD version of Alight Motion Pro safe?

The Mod version of Alight Motion Pro is not safe for all devices. So, It is not recommended.


How much RAM is required for Alight Motion pro?

Alight motion runs smoothly on android version 6.0 or higher and minimum RAM 1.5GB. But 2GB RAM is strongly recommended.


Is Alight Motion for PC?

Alight motion pro apk is basically for android or iOS users. If someone wants to run it on a PC, he must use special software like Bluestack. Here is the download link of Bluestack. Firstly, you have to run this software on a PC. Then, start using Alight motion pro-Apk. You can run every android apps on a PC after installing this software.


Why Alight Motion Pro Apk runs slowly on android phone?

This happens. Because the android version of your device is below requirements. Make sure the RAM of your android devices is 1.5 or higher and the android version is above 6.0.


Why can’t install Alight motion?

Make sure Alight Motion pro apk is supported on your device and country.

If Alight Motion pro apk is not supported in your country, avoid installing it.

Another probable cause of not installing it on your device may be the corrupted SD card on your device.


Is alight motion on Apple?

Alight motion brings you a professional quality motion design app for your iOs devices like iPhone, iPad. Excellent visual graphics options, awesome fonts make your video editing a joyful task.

If you need Alight Motion Pro Apk, click the link below to download for your android devices.


Above 10 FAQs are common about Alight Motion Pro Apk among the general android users out there. I think these FAQs are very helpful for you. Besides these, if you have any queries on Alight Motion Pro Apk, please write in the comment section or email us to further clarification. Our team will help you solve the problem.

Download Alight Motion Apk No Watermark

Download Alight Motion Apk No watermark has become a  must for every Android or iPhone user.

In my early posts, I have discussed almost everything about this marvelous app.

I think it will be better to read all the previous posts.

Links of my previous posts have been given below:

Benefits of Alight Motion pro

Alight Motion Pro app download for Android users

Alight Motion pro-Mod Apk

Now in this post, I’m just going to talk about how you can download Alight Motion Apk No watermark.

The best way to know the benefits of something is to use that thing. So, I suggest you use Alight Motion Pro Apk for the test. You yourself can be able to unfold the benefits of Alight Motion Apk.

 Here is the download link of Alight Motion Pro Apk.

Download Alight Motion Apk No Watermark

Alight Motion Pro Apk download:

Download Alight Motion Apk no watermark is very much popular because of some reasons everybody should know.

Huge varieties of styles and colors are available in this great apk. These varieties make it different from other apk.

Watermark is a huge problem for downloading the edited video from all apk. But Alight Motion Apk provides 100% working watermark-free videos, animations within a minute. It can export all types of videos like GIF, mp4, etc. Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk 2021 provides 100% watermark-free export and unlocks some premium features.

Features of Alight Motion apk:

In this technological era, men have much more options to fulfill his demands than it was. Now, they can surf on the internet and find the best thing for them.

Thousands of video editing apk are there online for editing your favorite videos or animations. Among them, some video editing apps have got public attention now. And they want this app to be used on android or IOS operating mobile phones. Following are the features of download Alight Motion apk No watermark. Here they are:

  • Multiple layers of graphics and videos
  • Vector and bitmap supported
  • Beautiful border and shadow effects
  • Group layer technology
  • Color correction
  • Stunning visual effects
  • Smoother animation movements
  • Key frame animation
  • Motion based on speed
  • Save your projects for future use
  • All video format
  • Project editing timer
  • Bug fixing and performance improvement technology

If you download Alight Motion Apk no watermark, you can find more specialty than I pointed above.

User-friendly interface makes your video editing an exciting journey. All the useful tools are perfectly arranged for your convenience.

Similar video editing apk:






Alight Motion Pro Apk for Android or iPhone:

The easy way to get a watermark-free alight motion pro is to buy a premium version of it. The premium subscription of Alight Motion pro-Apk will cost $28.99 annually. After purchasing the premium version you can use the full feature of this great app including watermark-free videos or animation.

You may choose the monthly subscription of Alight Motion Pro Apk. It will cost you $4.99 monthly. Just for one month, you can enjoy the premium features of Alight Motion Pro Apk.

Watermark Removal Ticket of Alight Motion Pro Apk:

A watermark removal ticket is a great option for this app. With just $1.99 or $ 3.99, you can use this option to generate a watermark removal video. This is an easy option for those who can spend the money. You don’t have to worry about watermarks on your favorite videos.

Download Alight Motion Apk No Watermark

Try Alight Motion Mod Pro Apk Watermark free video:

Downloading the watermark-free mod version of Alight Motion pro-Apk is a great option for you if you have no money to spend. You can use all the premium versions of Alight Motion apk in mods. This is a fully unlocked version of Alight Motion. Visit our website to download the mod version of Alight Motion pro apk.

Alight Motion has been downloaded more than 10, 00,000 times on the play store. 4.1* rating shows the immense popularity of this app. Android users tend to download this app nowadays. Creating stunning videos or animations on your smartphone compels you to download Alight Motion Apk No watermark.

So, why not download Alight Motion Apk on your android phone now? Don’t think that iPhone users can’t use this app. Just go to the Apple store and download from there. You can download it from this link. Download and enjoy the greatest benefits of technology through Alight Motion Pro apk. You can use it on your PC too.

If you are facing any problem with downloading and installing on your device, please write to us soon.

Alight Motion Application 3.1.4 (New)

Alight Motion Application frequently updates its software. This is their routine work. Recently they release Alight Motion Application 3.1.4. Normally, they bring significant changes in their apk with updating to a new version. It will be better for all to know the updates of Alight Motion Pro Apk.

Before reading the full post I suggest you read my previous post on Alight Motion Apk.

Today, I am going to show you new features of Alight Motion pro that is brought with the latest version 3.1.4.  The points below are the latest updates of Alight Motion app.

New and updated look

Alight Motion 3.1.4 is more stunning and dynamic looking than its previous versions. Actually, the users become tired of seeing the same look for a long time. Considering this aspect, they updated the application into an updated and new appearance.

Alight Motion Application

Alight Motion App Updated their Tutorial Page

Alight Motion apk has been popular for its newbie-friendly features. They have an in-depth tutorial page with many handy pieces of advice on how to use it effectively. They keep a closer look on this page. With the improvement of tutorial page prove themselves to be newbie-friendly.

Improved Distance Lock and Angle

They improved these features in the new and updated version. Many a time we see the unnecessary waste of time to correct the angles and locks of a video frame. With this option, users can keep the lock and angle fixed while editing a video or animation  

Multi-select by lasso Gesture

The users cannot select more than one file at a time in the previous version. The new version of Alight Motion apk 3.1.4 has introduced us to select multiple image or video files at a time with its lasso gesture tool.

Alight Motion Application Updated Color Picker

Color picker is an inevitable tool in any video editing apk. It’s a matter of glad that finally, Alight Motion pro updated the color picker tool. With this, they have become one step ahead of other video editing tools.

A perfect color picker attracts users easily. They search for all the color options just at their hand.

From now, users get an updated and improved color palette or color picker in Alight Motion Application.  

Bug fixes and performance improvements

This feature is brand new only on Alight Motion Apk. They don’t confine themselves to video editing only. Rather, Alight Motion fixes the bugs on the files. Thus, Alight Motion Application improves their editing performance and experience.

Improved group editing

Group editing is an innovative feature in Alight Motion Application. In the previous versions, the group editing feature is less used by the users. Because of the lack of updating it to an effective level, users don’t want to use it. Applying group editing features on video editing can be time-saving. Once someone configures this option, can use it repeatedly.

Download New Alight Motion Application 3.1.4

Download Alight Motion Apk from the link here. If you are an Android user, make sure your android version is above 6. And for iOS version, the version should be above 12.

Now, I think you know all the new updated features of Alight Motion Application. I have described the usage of these new features shortly because of your comfortable journey with Alight Motion App 3.1.4. But, if you are still unclear about the new updated version of Alight Motion pro apk, comment on this post or email us. Read other helpful posts of Alight Motion Application by clicking the link below:

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Download Mod version of Alight Motion pro

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk (2021)

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk latest 2021 version on your android or IOS device for professional video editing.

This is an excellent video editing app that is undoubtedly useful and handy. There are a lot of downloading versions and options of Alight Motion Pro.

In this post, I am going to show you all the downloading options of Alight Motion in the market.

Before reading, make sure you have read my previous article on this app in detail. Click the link below to read now.

Alight Motion Pro Apk for Android Users in 2021

You can select and install your required version of Alight Motion Pro Apk after reading this post.

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk

Alight Motion Apk Download Latest Version:

If you are in a hurry to download Alight Motion Pro Apk latest version, just download the latest 2021 version for this excellent app. But I suggest finding the best application packages out of all the versions mentioned here. Normally, the latest version of any app can be found in Google Play store. And for the apple devices visit Apple store for the latest version.

If you want the full features of Alight Motion, you must try the premium version. The premium versions can be availed from the android or IOS app store with a certain amount of bucks.

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk Mod version:

I said earlier that you cost a certain amount of bucks for purchasing Alight Motion premium apk. But the mod versions are completely free for download. The basic features of Alight Motion pro apk are the same in both premium version and mod versions. Some links to download Alight Motion Pro Apk have been given below.

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk for iPhone:

Alight Motion Pro Apk download is just a simple matter of click as an IOS user. Just head to your device Apple IOS store for your iPhone, iPad, etc. Make sure your device is above IOS version 12 or above. You may need to configure your device settings first. Open “Setting”,  click on “Menu” in the upper right corner. And then select “ Special Access”. Finally, click “unknown apps”. That’s all.

Download Preset Alight Motion:

Alight Motion presets is an apk for creating WhatsApp and Facebook status videos easily. This apk is introduced by  S.C creator LLC. Recently on 11.06.2021, they released the updated version of Alight Motion Presets.


Alight Motion Pro Apk Free Download:

Downloading Alight Motion Pro Apk free is simple. In Apple and Android store, this stunning apk is completely free. But, they have also a premium version too. You may enjoy some advanced benefits while editing a video or animation. But the premium version can be best replaced by Alight Motion Pro Mod apk version. Download the mod version by clicking the button below.

Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk Download

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk 2.1 3 No Watermark found:

Alight Motion Pro Apk unlocked 2021 versions are now available for all the devices.

All pro version features are available on Downloading Alight Motion Pro Apk 2.1 3.

This is a completely watermark-free mod version. It comes with no watermark version and some premium features unlocked.

Below you can watch a video on how to remove the watermark of Alight Motion Pro Apk .  

Best Alternative Video Editors:

If you want to use the latest video editing apk, check out the following apk.

The above mentioned video editing soft wares has been very popular for many years. Consider using these video editing app too.


Alight Motion pro Apk is a must for your android or IOS devices nowadays. If you want to know the benefits of Alight Motion pro apk. Read my latest post in this blog. Link is given below:

Benefits of Alight Motion

 Please try to download Alight Motion pro apk from the above links. I think this will be absolutely helpful for you. If you find any difficulties downloading the apk on your iPhone, please let us know. We will be happy to help you. Thank you.