Alight Motion Pro Apk Download for Android Users in 2021

If you are searching for a workable and stunning apk for making videos and animations on your smartphone, Alight Motion Pro Apk download is the best option for you.

Here in this post, I will introduce the latest online video and animation editor apk Alight Motion Pro Apk.

Alight Motion Pro is a video and animation editing app based on motion graphics.

Alight Motion Pro Apk Download will be the best choice for you for some reason.

The first thing is that,

It’s an easy, simple, and comprehensive android apk now.

With little or no knowledge of animation or video editing, you can create stunning videos and animations with this app.

Many smartphone users use this app because of these reasons only.

After installing, you will find a creative and professional interface of Alight Motion Pro.

This is the app that gives you to edit your desired videos frame by frame.

Next, in this article, I will go into the details of Alight Motion Pro Apk Download.

If you want to download the latest Alight Motion Pro Apk, please hit the download button below.

Alight Motion Pro Apk Download: Best Video and Animation Editor Apk

Video editing and animation making have been very popular to all now. For this purpose, Alight Motion pro apk download is the best.

As I already discussed erlier, Alight Motion Pro apk is a high-quality yet simple and advanced video editing app focusing on motion graphics and animation.

Don’t think that Alight Motion Pro MOD apk is an elite app having some advanced features. Remember, it has also some simple features like auto restore, undo/redo, scrub bar, zoom, pan, focus, etc.

There are plenty of video export options in this app

Alight Motion Apk is free for all. But the premium version of it will cost you $4.99 monthly. The annual subscription to Alight Motion Pro apk download will cost $28.99.

With this, you can enjoy all the premium features of this great application.

Alight Motion apk is free for both android and apple devices. You can just visit the app store of the respective devices and install it within a minute.

But, if you want to have all the premium features of Alight Motion pro, try the MOD version.

With the use of this advanced motion graphic app, you can vividly create your animation to share with your friends.

Download Alight Motion Pro apk  Latest Version For Android

Alight Motion Pro Apk is free to download for everybody. Anyone can download this app and make professional videos on their phone. The awesome features of Alight Motion Pro MOD Apk I discussed earlier make your videos and animations vivid and alive.

Normally, we have a lot of sweet memories confined to our devices. We can not share these mind-blowing pieces with our friends and families installing.

You need to use USB Pendrive, Data cable, or any sharing device to transfer this into a PC. And then you can make something amazing out of it.

Alight Motion App makes you totally free from this hassle. You just select the piece and make something special on your smartphone.

Alight Creative Inc. app developer company introduced this app to smartphone users worldwide. Since then 10,000,000+ users have installed this app and are successfully using this.

APK Name: Alight Motion Pro 3.9.0

Android Version: 3.9.0

iPhone Requires IOS version: 12.2 or Later

iPad Requires iPad version: IOS 12.2 or later

Available Language: English, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Malay, etc

Total Installs: 10,000,000+

Last Updated: July 7, 2021

APK size: 132 MB

Required Android Version: 6.0 and up

Content Rating: 3+

Offered By: Alight Motion Inc.

                                    Alight Motion Pro Apk Features :

Alight Motion Pro Apk has some remarkable features which make this apk a unique one.

 It will help you to edit your favorite videos or animations professionally.

Select the videos directly from your phone’s gallery and do What kind of editing you want.

Lets’ have some unique features of Alight Motion Pro Apk :

I) Easy and simple interface:

Alight Motion Pro’s user interface is very easy and simple. For this reason, common people with little knowledge of video editing tools can easily use them. Alight Motion Pro Apk Download is not a luxury. You must have this app installed on your smartphone.

ii) Exclusive tools to edit videos and animations:

It has a wide range of editing tools and equipment. You can easily create a perfect animation using awesome tools on screen. Perfect tools make your work easy and amusing. Alight Motion Pro provides you a wide variety of tools. These tools make your videos and animation making the journey easy and simple.

iiii) Brilliant visual and motion graphic effect:

One important feature of Alight Motion Pro is its brilliant graphical effects.

You can edit as you wish with the hundreds of effects. So it is easy for every Alight Motion Pro user to be more creative by using their feelings and emotions on every piece of video and animation. More options give you more opportunities to create professional videos.

iv) 2000+ Awesome Text Fonts:

There are more than 2000 fonts in Alight Motion Pro. Not any editing app on Google Play Store and Apple IOS store provides you the freedom to use their fonts collection.

On the Above, I have discussed some vital features of Alight Motion Apk.  Now see a shortlist of Alight Motion pro apk to see all the features below:

  • You can make 100% professional looking videos and animation.
  • Awesome videos effects for the videos.
  • 2000+ Fonts choices.
  • WATERMARK free videos (For MOD Version).
  • Edit frame by frame with keyframe animation.
  • You may apply multiple layers in animation videos with its blending options.
  • Best border and shadow effects.
  • Visual effect and color correction features.
  • Group layer.
  • Motion Blur based on velocity.
  • Vector and Bitmap support.

Read my in-depth article on the benefits of Alight Motion Pro Apk now.

Why will you choose to Download Alight Motion Pro Apk?

Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk is free for all smartphone users with all the premium features of Alight Motion Pro Apk. It provides you the best animation experiences, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video aggregation with professional quality.

You will make stunning videos or animations with Alight Motion Pro Apk download.

It will take just less than a minute to create a high-quality video with its powerful creative features.

Alight Motion Apk supports vector or bitmap graphics. This feature is rare in the latest video editing apps nowadays.

So, surely you will get high-quality and easy-to-use features of Alight Motion Pro apk.

Requirements to Download Alight Motion Pro apk

Alight Motion is a high-quality innovative apk. It has a lot of features and effects to create a creative video in a short time. That’s why this app requires high-quality android features to run smoothly.

Alight Motion pro apk download requires android version 6+ to function on smartphones. At least 1.5 GB RAM is required to run this app smoothly but 2 GB RAM is perfect. Make your android smartphone have at least 100M free memory available.

You may also run this apk on your PC or MAC after installing Bluestacks android app player. You may easily download this app player by clicking the link below:

Steps for installing Alight Motion on your PC:

  1. Download Bluestack android app player
  2. Enter Bluestack and tap on google play store
  3. Search for Alight Motion pro apk download on play store.
  4. Then click on download button
  5. After downloading tap the install button.

Alight Motion Pro apk Download IOS

Alight Motion Pro apk is not only for android but it’s also very much compatible with your apple and IOS devices. Go to the apple application store. Then download and install it into your IOS device. The application is free for IOS also.

Alight Motion Pro Apk Download
Alight Motion Pro Apk Download

You can get extra benefits if you purchase the premium version of Alight Motion Pro apk. This is the first professional video graphic app for iPhone and iPad.

IOS version of Alight Motion app offers motion blur, photo retouching, text effect on your videos professionally.

You need to follow the steps below to install it on your IOS devices:

  • Go to setting
  • Tap security
  • Swith on the button named Unknown sources
  • Download the APK (Android Application Pakage) from the web or transfer it via USB or use a third party app.
  • Wait some time for the installation complete

Alight Motion Pro apk Download (Unlocked)

Alight Motion Pro apk Download is the latest version online now. This is a mod version. Grab all the premium features of Alight Motion Pro free of cost. Just make sure that your android version is 6 or more. Mod versions are modified frequently to update the latest features of the original app. Mod apk installation is somewhat tricky.

Alight Motion apk Mod Version Features

The mod version of Alight Motion pro apk brings you all the features of the premium version free of cost. You can use the music adding, color merging, background changing, enhancing the photo, and drawing 3D objects features in Alight Motion pro apk.

The first and foremost feature of the Mod version of this app is that it is totally free and you can get 100% premium-like features from mod versions.

You don’t have to pay a single buck to enjoy the premium features.

You can log in to the mod version of Alight Motion Pro Apk with your Facebook account.

Tons of graphical effects to express your creativity and emotion through your animation.

Intelligent color adjustment features make you overwhelmed.

Lots of gradients and solid color makes you relax while editing your favorite videos or animations.

Alight Motion Mod Apk Latest News

Alight Motion Pro Apk Download spends less time making great videos and animations. Just select videos and edit as you want. Then export in MP4, GIF animation, PNG, JPEG, etc.   Very recently Alight Motion Inc. releases some new effects like Omino Diffusion+, Omino Glass, Dark glow, Hollow Box, Electric edges, etc. It also brings new features of Bug Fixing. The app has added Thai and Malay languages.

Let’s make a list of their new updates in brief:

  • New effects introduced like: Omino Diffusion+, Omino Glass, Dark glow, Hollow Box, Electric edges etc
  • They recently addes new language like Thai and Malay.
  • They improved some effects like,  Dots, Turbulence, Luma Key, Motion Bar, Solid Matte etc.
  • Performanece improvements and bug fixes features.
  • 18fps, 20fps framerate options introduced.
  • Some color options have been tuned further.
  • Make video adjustment easy.


I hope you have read this article fully and have installed this awesome stunning video editing apk on your android or IOS devices. If you think this article is helpful for you and download Alight Motion Pro Apk,  please share it with your friends and followers. I believe Alight Motion Pro Apk Download will be great for your editing journey. If you find any problem downloading and installing Alight Motion Pro Apk on your device, please let us know.

Give your valuable feedback about Alight Motion Pro Apk in the comment box below.   

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